Why every organization needs to take identity management seriously.

A pseudo-case study of Nelson & Co.

According to him, “Identity management is basically the management of who people say they are, backed up by a fact. There is no identity management without the role of people or who people say they are”.

These are the current business realities for Mr. Nelson, who is bent on revamping the organization. You may read more on the story and learnings here. We really wish that Mr. Nelson had read our previous blog post.

After Seamfix’s intervention, Mr. Nelson summoned the management to share the benefits gained with Seamfix cloud-based data capture and identity management system. According to him;

1. Data Quality Control -

2. Central Identity Management Platform-

3. Increase in Productivity -

4. Impersonation and falsification were vehemently curbed-

Seamfix, The KYC Company …

Let’s talk about tech and its many impacts; identity and its management; Data, big or small; mindblowing innovations; and Seamfix solutions that do wonders.