Is Your Data Secure Even In The Cloud?

4 min readMar 29, 2019

Cloud storage has become the go-to model for data storage since its sliced bread equivalent in the IT enterprise, and with it, the increasing concern of data security. I mean, why waste space on your PC, mobile phones or tablets when you can store any form of data on Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and others like that? However, just because this is the foremost space for data doesn’t make it Fort Knox ordinarily.

People love what they deem private to remain private, and there are others who would blackmail rice for the white on its skin. Because of these, individuals are and will continue being reluctant to give out information except when mandatory… which is almost all the time, like telecommunication services with your personal details or your bank with basically everything.

However, people want to trust to, an extent, that data handlers will keep their details safe at all cost. Hence, if you make it a necessity for individuals or companies to give you their information, then it becomes mandatory for you to protect it.

Several web data capture software promise maximum amount of affordable cloud-based storage and bandwidth, but only a handful can boast of optimum data storage security.

A secure cloud-based data storage provider should have …

  • An above 90% safety plan against data leakage.
  • Proper management of crypto keys.
  • Tight access authorization and authentication security data sharing.
  • Strong encryption of stored data and unique credentials to ensure data confidentiality even during transit.
  • Tracking technology to ensure data traceability as well as a proper lockdown of deleted cryptographic data.

You may care about data security, but do your data capture app developers have that at the top of their priority list? Know that once you lose your security credibility, getting it back is almost impossible. Choose wisely.

How We Secure Your Data.

BioRegistra is a mobile digitization software that enables individuals and organizations to convert all kinds of paper forms to digital forms, enhancing the collection of data for business processes. With BioRegistra, businesses in every industry can collect different categories of information, including textual and biometric data, and ultimately enhance the running of day-to-day organizational activities.

With BioRegistra, here’s how your data is secured;

  1. Obfuscation of Application

BioRegistra application is obfuscated (render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible) so it is not possible to reverse-engineer it and use it for malicious activities.

2. Verification of Application Signature at Runtime

BioRegistra client Application signature is verified each time the application is launched on a client device. With this feature, only connections from valid BioRegistra Clients are allowed.

3. User Account Lockout

User accounts on BioRegistra are locked out after ‘X’ number of continuously failed login attempts. The user account is unlocked either for a period of time or on request. This security feature prevents hijacking of the user account for fraudulent activities.

4. Quarantining of non-compliant registrations

Quarantining of non-compliant records is a check put in place to block (quarantine) registrations suspected to be fraudulent. This check minimizes fraudulent infractions by rogue users.

5. Prevention of injection of records

Injection of records to the secure servers is prevented since synchronization requests coming to the secure servers are verified before they are accepted (rejected records are saved in a separate folder on the server and are not processed). Some of the verifications done are user login details, capture device details etc. With this security feature in place, processing of fraudulent records is non-existent.

7. Root Access Detection

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems. When a device is rooted, a user can manipulate data on the device at will. However, Bioregistra ensures security feature on KYC is that the KYC application for Android devices cannot run on rooted Android devices.

If you aren’t already aboard the BioRegistra train, get started today with a FREE TRIAL and see just exactly how easy and secure data-capture can be.

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