Employees Use These Regular Tricks To Beat Traditional Clocking Systems

In any organization, big or small, keeping track of employees time and attendance is as important as healthy blood is to a sick man. The urgency of this has prompted the need for clocking systems that can help employers and HR executives supervise the presence and punctuality of employees, especially when they sneak off for a quick smoke or over-extend on breaks.

Unfortunately, somebody will always try to cheat the system somehow. Here are just a few ways it could happen to your business;


Speak no evil, See no evil, Hear no evil.

Peter at the office always has his buddy Charles cover for him when the need arises — Charles clocks-in for Peter almost every day, because Peter’s got that stop to make first every morning before work. And on the days Peter has to go see about a job on the side (a fella needs all the money he can make, right?), Charles has got his back also. Everyone at the office knows about this…..it’s been going on for years; but in that spirit of workplace-camaraderie, no one will deign to be the snitch. In workplace vernacular, this is referred to as buddy-punching; and this could be your office.


“Leave me alone Time, I gotta leave…”

“What’s the harm if I leave an hour early? It’s not like it would make that much of a difference anyway”. This kind of rationalization comes easy to the employee with no vested interest in the business beyond his paycheck arriving like clockwork at the end of the month. Those lost hours add up. Many uncompleted work-days — and from multiple personnel — translate to sizable losses in productivity.


“Muahahaha, I’m in control now.”

It’s entirely possible that you have paid overtime in the past for work not done. You quite possibly have also paid employees for workdays they were absent on. Without failsafe attendance management, the dishonest employee can get away on multiple occasions with stealing company-time — and get paid for man-hours they have not put in.


‘Booooooo it’s pay timeeeee…’

A rather damaging trick — with this one you would be paying workers who simply do not exist….every month! Think of what a drain that could be on company resources — when, for want of proper checks, individuals within an organization generate employment records for fictitious personnel; and funnel the remuneration. We have heard stories for years of elaborate ghost-worker conspiracies across government-run workplaces in developing countries.


Here’s how… eliminate all chances of fraud by going for an efficient and reliable time and attendance solution like iClocker which covers all the bases, leaving no room for deception.

To highlight:- iClocker maintains a biometric means of clocking in through a facial recognition system which leaves no room for impersonation or buddy punching. Again, since employees have to clock out of work from verified locations, there is no way they can leave the office before the stipulated time and not be caught. Even more, the attendance reports are automatic and cannot be falsified which means hours spent at work are as clear as day. And finally, because employees are expected to clock in with their own mobile devices from assigned locations and the reports synced to the admin in real-time, ghost workers do not stand a chance.

Even better, you can get started for free RIGHT NOW.



Let’s talk about tech and its many impacts; identity and its management; Data, big or small; mindblowing innovations; and Seamfix solutions that do wonders.

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Let’s talk about tech and its many impacts; identity and its management; Data, big or small; mindblowing innovations; and Seamfix solutions that do wonders.