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Paperless Account Opening

Banks are very much prone to experience frauds, because customers provide fake or duplicate documentation. One of the reasons is because of the time consuming process to fill up forms. Data collected from customers aren’t always reliable or uniform (not consistent) across banks. The most valuable way to overcome this challenge is for banks to adopt the paperless system of account opening.

This way the bank can onboard customers quickly, seamlessly and digitally. This smooth onboarding process would even attract more customers. Adopting the paperless facility alone can increase your market presence.

Customers have unique numbers like NIN, BVN, passport…

8 Ways to Stay Calm During a Crisis

Benefits of Technology Partnerships

MDM for Schools

The use of mobile devices at school has become popularly debated in many countries. While some schools offer to restrict devices to limit distractions, the vast majority of schools opt for using technology as a teaching tool. That raises new challenges for tech leaders who work in the field of education — now they need to find solutions for managing smartphones, laptops, and other connected devices at schools. They need to choose reliable mobile device management (MDM) services to ensure the devices will be used for good and will not become distractions for students.

The use of MDM can be…

Mobile Device Management.

Mobile device management (MDM) is a software that enables administrators or IT departments to implement policies that monitor, secure, and manage end-user mobile devices. The MDM tool offers a centralized platform for organizations to assign, authenticate, identify, track, and manage all mobile devices.

The sole aim of MDM solution is to find the balance between user productivity, device management and regulatory compliance.

As more employees depend heavily on mobile devices to do their work, it is becoming important for organizations to turn to management tools. With this, they can achieve enhanced data security and improved productivity.

There are many benefits…

Paper to Digital form

We can never say it enough — Paper forms are not doing your business any world of good. Digital forms, on the other hand, will truly offer you a chance to do more. In the1990s, there was a lot of excitement about the paperless office. Several critical technologies — such as reliable mobile devices — were missing at that time. Today, becoming a paper-free office is achievable.

Digital forms, also known as web forms, are a useful tool to help you and organizations to cut down on paper and printing expenses. They also have the potential to contribute to the…

Going Paperless

A lot of companies today are not entirely paperless because they lack the key components needed in order to do so. Since going paperless is identified as a large investment you are probably wondering what the major benefits would be for implementing a solution like this? In this article we would explain how going paperless increases productivity, reduces operational costs, improves customer service, creates an environmentally sound organization and strengthens security.

Now, It seems as though every time you’re looking for a particular document, it is at the bottom of the stack, and to make things worse, you would go…

Leadership Strategy

The word ‘startup’ is perceived as a young company or organization, but little did we know that an organization can be recognized as a startup for a decade — yes, a decade. Now a Startup is always looking to find and execute on their business model, but they’re also looking to do so promptly — and in a way that significantly impacts the current market, meaning they’re not looking to maintain a small, limited team forever. Typically speaking, to operate a business, you don’t need a big market. …

Identity Verification

In Nigeria, identity verification services has been useful in battling a lot of fraudulent activities and verification challenges today. Businesses, including the banking sectors are facing an increasing need to know if their customers are who they say they really are. They all the need to be Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliant. These processes are in line with regulations which helps to validate who customer’s claim to be.

The ability to verify an individual’s identity in real-time using a digital identity verification system is therefore very crucial. Thereby, this has tackled some key challenges here, in Nigeria;

Complex Customer Onboarding Process

It is important that KYC…

Transcript request for Nigerian Graduates.

Years have gone by, and the issues of delayed school transcript-collection process is becoming more and more frustrating for Nigerian graduates in Nigeria. Asides missing out on opportunities like scholarships, postgraduate studies or even career ambitions. It is sad that some of these local universities aren’t working towards improving this process.

Here in Nigeria, some students do pay for this process, and then wait a long duration, some might not even get feedback at all. Apart from that, the whole school transcript request complications actually could affect their deadline. This whole collection process encourages corruption. For many schools, transcript request…


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