5 Insights to Write a Flawless Digitalization Strategy

Whether your business operates in the online services industry, eCommerce or other business models which require a reliable, online presence, shifting toward digitalization sooner rather than later is highly welcome.

According to Forbes, 44% of companies have shifted toward a digital-first approach to providing customer experience in 2019, with 76% of consumers who think that companies should understand their needs and expectations prior to the engagement or purchase. Consequently, studies published by Finances Online indicate that 89% of enterprises have prepared digitalization strategies or are in the process of outlining them in 2020, with 21% of North American and European companies stating that their digital transformation initiatives are completed.

Why Digitalization Matters More than Ever

  • Better employee productivity and motivation through services such as iClocker from Seamfix.
  • Easier in-house communication and collaboration.
  • More efficient, calculated, data-driven decision-making.
  • Room for process innovation, upgrades and concurrent R&D.
  • Minimized margin for error and higher overall ROI.

Insights into Writing a Flawless Digitalization Strategy

  1. Audit your Current Digitalization: In order to outline an efficient and streamlined plan to digitalize your business model, knowing the current state of affairs within your company might be your best bet. The way to get started on your digitalization strategy is to audit your business’ current digitalization efforts, systems and coworkers’ familiarity with digital platforms. Write down the pros and cons of your current data collection and processing, client servicing, and web platform’s functionality. Think of the best ways in which you can eliminate downtime, what your budget can sustain, as well as how deep you can go with coworker training in terms of digitalization. Platforms such as Supreme Dissertations and Evernote can be used to write an outline of your strategy to allow for a better overview of digitalization.
  2. Assemble a Dedicated Team: Digitalization is a delicate effort, one that will effectively transform the way you conduct business and store data going forward. As such, it’s extremely risky to put the entire project on the shoulders of a single employee and hope for the best in doing so. To get the best results and avoid confusion or mismanagement, its good practice to appoint a dedicated team within your company to do so. Having a project team with the task to write and implement a digitalization strategy will allow for better coordination, mutual insight and feedback which will result in better digitalization.
  3. Invest in Online Visibility: One of the elementary points of digitalization involves establishing a more stable online presence for your business. From SEO optimization of your website to social media pages and community engagement, having reliable channels of online communication with your stakeholders is pivotal for success in 2020. Not only that but, by implementing services such as BioRegistra from Seamfix, you will be able to gather much more relevant data from your stakeholders and use it to improve your services further for mutual benefit. Make online visibility a high priority in your digitalization strategy writing and the effects of such an initiative will be felt on your bottom line and engagement rates shortly thereafter.
  4. Interconnect Content & Business Strategy: Providing meaningful, original and practical digital content for your clients and customers remains one of the pillars of digitalization. After all, writing blog posts, articles and how-to texts related to your industry and service portfolio will effectively showcase your company’s philosophy, business culture and brand identity. In order to get the most out of content marketing, it’s important to closely connect its themes and topics to your business model. Writing platforms such a Studicus and Readable can be utilized to successfully produce relevant digital marketing content for your business which will closely coincide with your service portfolio. Carve a place for your business and don’t try to become a platform with no clear niche — it will allow you to generate relevant leads and gain a foothold within the industry easily thanks to digitalization.
  5. Engage your Stakeholders: Lastly, to take full advantage of the newly-implemented digitalized platforms and communication channels, it’s important to use them constantly to engage your stakeholders. Ensure that your stakeholders are aware of the digitalized services by introducing PPC marketing, registration services akin to BioSmart by Seamfix, as well as digital-only activities such as social media live events, giveaways and presentations. Keep in mind that any activity you perform online or through your digitalized business model will result in much more useful and concrete data than any analogue, offline stakeholder engagement ever could. Make support channels available around the clock, have a social media manager in place, and make sure that your content creators produce new posts going forward.

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Let’s talk about tech and its many impacts; identity and its management; Data, big or small; mindblowing innovations; and Seamfix solutions that do wonders.

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Let’s talk about tech and its many impacts; identity and its management; Data, big or small; mindblowing innovations; and Seamfix solutions that do wonders.