2019: The Seamfix Year of Barrier-Defying Milestones

First things first; welcome to the New Year!!!

2019, for us, was a fine mix of big wins, incredible milestones, amazing awards & recognitions, and of course, challenges we scaled through. In the end, the overall result was well-deserving.

From building relationships and engaging with relevant industry decision-makers and enablers; to providing our customers and clients with the best services and most comprehensive data capture, identity management, document digitization, and verification-services solutions in the market; to managing our costs, growing our brand, and doing our part to keep the economy moving forward; we were busy, busy, busy just the way we liked it.

It is always a thrill to walk down memory lane. Here’s a look at 2019, and how we fared at Seamfix;


In 2019, Seamfix was set to turn 12. After 12 years, it was only expected that our business wasn’t the same entity it was way back when — our customers were spread far and wide and our insight into what we could readily do was broader. We were doing big things across the globe, but our business name ‘Seamfix Nigeria Limited’ was too small to accommodate all of that. So, we dropped the ‘Nigeria’ in our name and are now and forever will be called ‘Seamfix Limited’.

Even more, we grew our staff base with talents that would go far and beyond to get the work done — this also included interns, trainees and fresh graduates on their one-year-long national service.

We also accrued new clients and customers even while retaining loyal ones.


2019 could also be dubbed our year of celebration as we had good causes to celebrate both as a company and individuals associated with the company — Seamfixers, we call ourselves.

For one, we got patents and copyrights for some of our products and innovative concepts. We love to invent solutions that matter, and it was only fitting that we protected our intellectual properties.

Then, we turned the big 1 2… we couldn’t have been quiet about that of course, so we had a glamourous 2-day celebration to commemorate the big event.

As a team, we celebrated with 4 Seamfixers who each tied the knot with their significant others, and we also welcomed 4 new babies into the Seamfix family.


For keeping up in our strive for excellence, we received quite a number of awards and recognitions both locally and internationally. They include;

  • A recognition by the London Stock Exchange Group as one of the ‘Companies to Inspire Africa, 2019
  • An award for ‘Excellence in KYC and Identity Management’ at the 2019 Finnovex West Africa Conference.
  • Most Innovative Technology Company of the Year’ by NITA Awards, 2019
  • Most Enterprising Technology Entrepreneur of the Year’ to our MD, Mr Chimezie Emewulu, by NITA Awards, 2019.
  • Also, in recognition of our drive to build solutions that matter, we became a ‘certified technology solutions provider in Uganda’.

In the same vein, recognized as a tech giant with years of expertise in our field, we participated in over 15 industry events where we shared subject matter insights and our learnings from our experience as a thriving business. One such event was the ID4AFRICA 2019 Annual Meeting, where our data capture and digitization solution, BioRegistra, was lauded. We also had featured articles in a number of magazines with global reach.


In the spirit of continuous improvement, we made major upgrades to our products, rolling out new features and updates, simplifying the onboarding processes, modifying the look and feel, even including value-add-ons to some of our existing products so that our customers are equipped with platforms that meet their needs as they come. These upgrades allowed our products to snag new milestones, some of which will be highlighted below;


Our digitization and data capture solution met the following milestones in 2019;

  • Over 1400 NGO grant applications were processed and reviewed digitally
  • Over 20,000 data captured including, pensioners and over 10,000 individuals enrolled
  • Digitally captured Over 2500 accreditations
  • Digitally captured over 290,000 retail outlets nationwide.


Our robust sim registration platform built for telco’s to meet KYC compliance with ease, in 2019, was used to register 21,978,910 new subscribers for a major telco in Nigeria.


Our transcript automation and delivery solution digitized over 33,000 academic records and processed over 9,000 transcripts requests for UNN & UNICAL.

In conclusion, we can say with boldness that we made a huge impact on the market. Our customers aboard our platforms and potential clients that tested out our solutions can attest that we constantly live up to our mission of enabling millions of people and businesses to achieve more daily. Cheers to a new year of undaunted solutions delivery. May this year bring new milestones, new goals and new achievements.

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Photo credit: Singkham from Pexels